Bahrain Authority disregards UN letter and heads to meaningless elections

SHAFAQNA-  Al Wefaq National Islamic Society believes that the regime in Bahrain is moving in the wrong direction. The regime is exacerbating the political crisis and tension in the country by ignoring all international calls to solve the crisis and engage in a real dialogue, most recently, the letter sent by Mr. Ban Ki Moon, the UN Secretary-General, to the King of Bahrain.

Sadly, the Bahraini regime has made no positive response to the aforementioned letter in which Mr. Ban Ki Moon made clear that it is necessary for Bahrain to engage in an “inclusive dialogue that leads to peace, stability, reform and prosperity for all Bahrainis and to include the participation of protesters and the rest of the opposition”.

The United Nations also said it is hoping the Government of Bahrain makes efforts to realize reforms before the upcoming elections to be held on November 22nd, 2014.

However, Bahrain has totally ignored the UN’s letter and is heading to hold the sham mockery elections that lack the fundamental standards of justice and integrity. On the other hand, prisons in Bahrain remain overcrowded with political prisoners and activists. The Authorities are also using repressive laws to entrench the totalitarian rule and control the legislative, executive and judicial powers in addition to media and security services. And while the citizens are being marginalized, the Authority continues to distribute Bahraini nationality to foreigners to change the demography of Bahraini society. Tens of thousands of foreigners have been brought to Bahrain and given jobs, housing and services in return for loyalty to the Authority, in a blatant exploitation of their poverty.

This disregard from the Authority applies to its stance from the recommendations of both the UN’s Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review and the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry, and the repeated calls by the UN OHCHR and other international rights NGOs to respect human rights and engage in dialogue.


Nov. 12, 2014

Al Wefaq National Islamic Society

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