Bahrain authority still has to re-build 14 demolished Shia mosques

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – Religious Freedom Observatory of Bahrain Human Rights Sheikh Maytham Salman said in a conference said important developments in the mosques destroyed by Mercenaries police backed with Saudi troops , that people have rebuilt of their on efforts  21% of the mosques destroyed, while regime has re-built 42% of them, and remaining of mosques that have the regime to rebuilt 37% of the mosques, including three mosques built in the non-real locations.

Sheikh Maitham said that the demolition of the mosques were the biggest crimes that occurred in Bahrain , and regime has to rebuilt them and put the actors involved in demolition for trial.

People re built 8 mosques out of 38 demolished

Authority re built 3 demolished mosques in not same place of demolished one

authority re built 16 demolished mosques out of 38

Authority did not re built 14 demolished mosques

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