Bahrain Campaign’s statement on prosecution of Ayatollah Sheikh Esa Qassim;

SHAFAQNA – Bahrain regime plans for chaos as Sheikh Isa Qassim trial nears

The regime in Bahrain has more chaos, instability and violations lined up, as the trial of Sheikh Isa Qassim nears. A number of unconfirmed reports suggest that the regime, through the manipulation of the wholly biased judiciary, aims to carry out a sentence against Sheikh Isa Qassim. The Diraz siege continues to intensify too, which is the hometown of Sheikh Isa Qassim, as the area resembles day-by-day a warzone, with tanks, barricades, and security forces suffocating the inhabitants.
The regime’s judges repeatedly adjourned the case of the Ayatollah, in what looks like an attempt to choose a time where international focus is away from Bahrain’s crimes. It must be noted that Sheikh Isa Qassim is the highest religious Shia authority in the country, and is the primary bastion for peaceful means of protests. He played an instrumental role in keeping the protests that spread far and wide across Bahrain peaceful, where the nation came out demanding an end to Al-Khalifa rule, a full democratic transformation, ensuring the wealth of the country goes to the people, and full freedoms and rights.
Bahrain Campaign firmly believes the Bahrain regime is cowardly enough to choose a time to sweep a sentence against Sheikh Isa Qassim under the rug. But it must be understood that imprisonment, or any threat to Sheikh Isa Qassim can and most likely will have far-reaching regional implications, and not just by the Bahraini people. Bahrain Campaign demands of Al-Khalifa’s allies, namely the US and UK, to restrain the Al-Khalifas’ hysterical actions, work towards stability and democratic transformation, and demand the case be wholly dropped, and principally for the opposition from Sheikh Ali Salman to the 13 others to be released and compensated.

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