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Bahrain Center for Human Rights: Al-Khalifa officials are struggling with Shiite Ashura rituals

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SHAFAQNA – Bahrain Center for Human Rights announced that Bahrain security authorities target freedom of religion and belief by creating restrictions on holding of religious rituals and Ashura ceremony in the villages and cities of Bahrain.

This center also said Bahrain security officials deliberately took down banners related to Ashura in 9 areas in Bahrain and so inhabitants of these areas protested against it and a number of young people were injured. According to the statement, Bahrain officials interrogated and arrested 9 and 2 preachers respectively. In addition, each year, they have attacked on mourning ceremonies in Hamad City in the fourth day of Muharram.

Bahrain Center for Human Rights pointed out that the Bahrain authorities create restrictions on Shiite rights. This center calls on Al-Khalifa officials to release preacher as soon as possible and guarantee human rights, especially regarding freedom of religion and belief. And also refrain from causing interruptions of practicing religious rituals.

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