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Bahrain : Mercenaries backed with Saudi Troops sabotage Ashura’s manifestation

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) (Exclusive ) – Heavily Civilian and security mercenaries forces backed with Saudi troops used arms to sabotage and vandalize the manifestations of season of Ashura. Mercenaries carried out the futility of continuous damage in a number of Shia’s areas in Bahrain. This is extremely dangerous as the sabotage continues with no order from authorities to prevent it, despite the incident repeated in each season over the past few years. Acts of vandalism and bullying of mercenaries police were in all aspects of Ashura in Salmabad , Sitra ,Ras Rumman and Juffair and others.

Authorities free hands of its forces to practice acts of bullying and intimidation of citizens where as it disregard for hate speech, insults and provide justification for the crime through platforms practiced these violations.Attacks did not stop, despite all the reports and appeals, which calls for a halt sectarian persecution, revenge and the attack on the religious rites continuously for more than 40 months without Stop, which demonstrates acceptance of higher authorities about such emitting hatred behaviors that provide protection to the aggressors and raise hands of accounting for them, which made the work of the bullying and assaults in the continuing and growing non-stop, the latest attack on the manifestations of religious revival associated with the season of Ashura which commemorates when Muslims anniversary of the martyrdom of Son of Prophet Muhammad (p) , Imam Hussein (AS).

Wefaq National Islamic Society, said that the regime is fully responsible for this chaos according to  Bassiouni’s Report and all international reports and data, and this attack is an extension of the crime of demolishing mosques and shrines and sabotage.Alwefaq confirmed that tyranny and authoritarianism and dictatorship is the source of all these problems and attacks will not stop responding to the demands of the people of Bahrain in the political system it stems from the will of the people to be the accountant of them rather than abuse them and their natural rights to life, expression and belief.

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