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Bahrain National Opposition urges EU Member States Ambassadors to reconsider their position to suit their values

SHAFAQNA – The National Democratic Opposition Parties find the statement issued by EU Member States’ Ambassadors based in Bahrain to be of concern. The statement, which was published by the British Embassy in Manama, welcomed the sham elections that lack the very basics of equality and democratic standards and values that the European countries call for and support. Moreover, the statement failed to approach the authorities with calls for genuine steps towards reform, détente and building of confidence before holding any elections.

The statement contradicts all the previous appreciated positions and statements made by the member states, and which called for a genuine political dialogue that can achieve real reforms and responds to the aspirations of all Bahrainis. The respected Ambassadors are knowledgeable of the details of previous dialogues in Bahrain and the legitimate demands that the authorities had blocked out. The National Democratic Opposition Parties stress that the Ambassadors are called on to urge the authorities to release political and prisoner of conscience, as a step towards confidence-building, noting that the regime has not yet responded to any humanitarian, rights or political demands. This should come before calling on the opposition to participate in these elections.

The National Democratic Opposition Parties are ready to reconsider their position if the authorities reconsider its refusal to reform and respond to the joint-statement that was signed by 47 member States of the UN Human Rights Council, including all European States. The authorities should be pressed to respond to international calls to achieve the least of the necessary and legitimate demands raised by the people in Bahrain since 14th February 2011.

Many States were unable to bring Bahrain to fully and comprehensively implement the recommendations of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry and the Universal Periodic Review. They were also unable to bring the authorities to accept political reform, therefore it is inappropriate to ask the people to accept marginalization and exclusion for the sake of autocracy.Some states have declared elections in other countries to be not genuine, whilst the elections to be held in Bahrain are also empty of any democratic content.We urge the respected Ambassadors to reconsider their position against the National Democratic Opposition Parties and the people of Bahrain and to be brought inline with other people calling for democracy around the globe.

We, in the National Democratic Opposition Parties, will continue our civilized peaceful struggle to achieve a democratic and inclusive political system in a state of freedom, justice and power sharing. We call on the international community to contribute positively and we assure our openness to continue serious dialogues with them.


Manama – October 16, 2014

National Democratic Opposition Parties

Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society (Alwefaq)

National Democratic Action Society (Waad)

National Democratic Gathering Society (AlQawmi)

National Progressive Tribune Society (Taqadomi)

Ekhaa National Society (Ekhaa)

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