Date :Thursday, February 12th, 2015 | Time : 12:50 |ID: 9542 | Print

Bahrain: protesters defy armored vehicles

SHAFAQNA – As the 4th anniversary of the eruption of the revolution on 14th February approaches, protests are widening in a number of areas around Bahrain demanding democratic transition through the end of the autocratic rule. Citizens also went on a voluntary strike closing stores for 3 days.

Meanwhile the government deployed heavily armed forces across the country and suppressed the protesters who began to gather since early morning.

Pictures of large amounts of tear gas smoke covering neighborhoods were circulated on social media. The forces also used buckshot leaving a number of protesters with injuries.

Demonstrations demanding the immediate release of Sheikh Ali Salman also continued despite the heavy suppression and deployment of armored vehicles.12feb1 12feb212feb312feb412feb512feb712feb812feb912feb1012feb1112feb1212feb1312feb14

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