Date :Friday, October 10th, 2014 | Time : 18:16 |ID: 16941 | Print

Bahrain regime tightens restrictions on opposition

SHAFAQNA –  The regime in Bahrain has banned another mass rally that was scheduled to march Budaiya highway on Friday. Al Wefaq National Islamic Society said the regime’s tightening restrictions on freedoms is widening anger in the country. Al Wefaq added that the regime is misusing State-institutions to execute its agenda against dissent. Al Wefaq also stressed that the international community must live up to its commitment to defend freedom and democracy and maintain a distant position from double-standard policies. Al Wefaq urged the regime’s allies to push for the respect of justice, human rights and freedom of expression and opinion. The ban aims to prevent another gigantic march, the most recent of which was the 19th September rally that was attended by over 200,000 Bahrainis, calling for an end to the tyranny.

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