Bahrain Scholars reject the hegemony of “government policy” on Mosques and Mattam

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – Scholars from Bahrain issued a statement on Friday, March 13, refusing to what they described as “dominance” of government policies on the “religious affairs”.
The statement said that endowments Jaafari Management is the official management of the Government, and expressed their refusal “Never acceptance” control of government policy on mosques and Matam. The press stressed that “in light of the islamic legitimate vision that obvious need for the independence of religious affairs,” the Bahrain scholars reject “outright attempts” Endowments Jaafari management “hegemony and control in the religious by any mean, and under any name,” and the statement called “fervent believers to their religion – men and women – to  boycott and their refusal of any attempts to control ” .

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