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Bahrain : The death of Sheikh Ahmed Asfour adviser Supreme Judicial Council

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – a prominent Shia clerics, Sheikh Ahmed ALAsfoor died on Sunday in Manama, age of 90 years. ALAsfoor , which he held several official positions such as President of the High Court and a judge of the Supreme Court of Appeal Jaafari adviser and the Supreme Judicial Council, has admitted last Thursday to the military hospital, where he died.

– Born Sheikh Ahmed bin Sheikh Khalaf Al-Asfour Bahrani 1926 in the village of Dar clip, south of Manama, which belongs to the family of Al-Asfour, a family of long-standing scientific and famous.

– Income Koranic schools have teacher-Haj Ali bin Ibrahim, at an early age, and then accompanied his father to Kazemih in 1936 and joined the school of civil and studied the principles upon Sheikh Hamid al-Kazimi, Mr. Jaafar al-Kazimi, Sheikh Abdul-Razzaq al-Khalisi and Mr. al-Haidari, then attributed Alhaji Ibrahim bin Haj Kazem higher to Bahrain after his father’s death in the same year

– Joined the School of Sheikh Abdul Hussein ornaments judge discrimination and studied at: Mullah Ahmed Zana Zana, Sheikh Abdul Hassan , Sheikh Mohammed Ali Al Humaidan, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Taan, Sheikh Abdul Hussein ornaments and Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Mubarak.

– Then migrated together with Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Mubarak, and dwelt with him in a very small room in the school Alhalilih but he quickly returned to his home and then came back migration to Najaf Ashraf third time after receiving a delegation from the Department of Awqaf Jaafari in 1946, he studied at the Shiekh there they are: Sheikh Abdul Wahab Al-Kashi, Sheikh Abu Baqir fifty, Sheikh Baqir al-Sharif al-Qurashi, Mr. Baqer person, Sheikh Ali Zainuddin, Mr. Abdul Karim Kashmiri, Sheikh Asad Haider, Sheikh Jawad al-Qassam, Sheikh Abdul Karim Faraj, Sheikh Hussein Sheikh Mohammed Khalifa, Mr. Mohammed Jamal al-Din al-Hashemi, Mr. Mohammed Ali argument erythema, Sheikh Ali bin Yahya, Sheikh Abbas al-Muzaffar.

– Search abroad have attended: Mr. Mohsen al-Hakim and Abu al-Qasim al-Khoei, Mr..

– Learn rhetoric Hosseinieh with brand Sheikh Mohammed Ali Al Humaidan, and was the first to sign him to read Muharram and Safar 1944 Haj Ali bin Ahmed team knitting in Muharraq, then took his star rises in the sky rhetoric Hosseinieh in Bahrain and the Gulf states, Iraq and fries, trachea and Basra, and the holy and Khorasan and Lebanon, was read in Iraq and Iran for nearly thirty years, the form of his rhetorical School unique.

– Set up Friday after the death of Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Mubarak in 1978, and took the religious judiciary in 1955, together with Sheikh Abdul-Hussein Bin Qasim ornaments and Sheikh Baqir bin Sheikh Ahmad Al-Asfour, Sheikh Mansour bin Mohammed Sheikh Salman Sitri. 
– Appointed head of the Grand Court in 1972 and then a judge in the Supreme Court of Appeal Jaafari in 1977 and then as an agent, and then acting president, then an adviser to the Supreme Judicial Council in 2004 until his death.

– Has a number of effects printed, namely: Holy shrine, efforts to deter our enemies, Jews, Muslims battle in history, the anniversary of the timeless, religious issues in workshops. 
– Got leave from: Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Al-detector cover, Sheikh Ibrahim Mosque, Sheikh Muzaffar Abbas, Mr. Mohammad Reza Alkalpakane, Mr. Ali Husseini mortal, Mr. Shahabuddin Marashi Najafi, Mr. Abu al-Qasim al-Musawi al-Khoei, Sheikh Mohammed Al-Taher Shabbir Khaqani, Sheikh Salman bin Abdul Mohsen Al Shabir Khaqani, Sheikh Mohammed Ali Aleraki, Sheikh Fadel Allinkrani, Sheikh Abbas Tsugy, Mr. Mohammed al-Husseini al-Wahidi, Waahidi.

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