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Bahrain : «Women in Ashura » … 5 hours a day of diverse programs of Ashora

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive) – Society  of Islamic Culture launched the activities of the Council of female to Ashura in capital since last Friday, while the chairwoman Media Committee of project Jinan Majeed said : «The Council aims to put the first female alternative to public events, and focuses on customized for women programs were fully integrated with the role of Matams» .

She reported that the program raises a variety of events throughout the first 11 nights of the month of Muharram by five hours per day, From 6:30 until 11:30 at night. She added , that the program starts with Quran Katmah , then cultural lecture, The Council of Hosseini, and then begin the cultural host events, which is a kind of fairy-Forum that presents social or moral or other issues, She was stressing that «all events provide womanly pure», indicating that the Council for the first time will be presented a series of documentary films produced by the technical media team project under the title «what I saw only beautiful».

Regarding impressions posts, Majid pointed out that the interaction during the year was excellent too, so that the Council receives at night from 300 to 400 most of them young woman in the prime of life, noting that this momentum is sustained, as the Council was filled completely during the two previous nights.

On the sidelines of the Council, the society issued «fringe» written by Sheikh Adil , a book means all matters which specializes in women from the age of puberty and even post-marriage issued. Society also will launch the computation of Imam Hussein Speech Contest in English, and will be organized by «Toast Master» Society for girls.

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