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Bahraini activist ends hunger strike after allowing her to meet family

SHAFAQNA – Salam for Democracy and Human Rights said that activist Ibtisam Al-Saegh ended her hunger strike after she met her family for the first time on Tuesday.

The organization said that Al-Saegh “sticks to her rights in meeting her lawyer, providing an appropriate environment in the detention centers, ending the solitary confinement and allowing the scheduled visit of her family”.

The authorities arrested Al-Saegh on July 3 before they charged her along with other unknowns of establishing terrorist organization.

Organizations stated that Al-Saegh was subjected to a fracture in the thoracic cage and arm and suffer from pains in the neck due to torture she was exposed to due to her activism in the human rights field.

Salam further stated that she knew that Al-Saegh moves on a wheelchair and is held in the solitary confinement.

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