Bahraini court sentence 3 Shia activist 15 years and 4 for ten years

SHAFAQNA -According to Bahrain News Agency said Three defendants, including one still at large, were sentenced today to 15 years in jail and four others were handed ten years by the High Criminal Court in connection with a car explosion in Sehla, Chief of the Terror Crime Prosecution Advocate General Ahmed Al Hammadi stated. The court also ruled that they pay the value of the damaged properties.The three defendants were charged by the Public Prosecution with blowing up the car using a mobile phone after placing two gas cylinders in it and driving it to an empty area in Sehla. They exploded it when the police arrived at the scene.
They were also charged with arson, possessing inflammable substances and stealing a car for a terror purpose.

The other defendants were accused of participating in the explosion crime. One of them, an employee at the Interior Ministry, was charged with not reporting the crime even though he had known about before it happened, and grabbing lost money.

Two of the defendants were accused of using identity cards of other people to buy mobile phone chips to be used in explosion acts.
The evidence was collected from witnesses, from the confessions of all the defendants, except the one who was still at large and from the reports.

The defendants were referred to the High Criminal Court which issued its verdicts and ordered the arrest the defendant who is still at large.

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