Bahraini official: “Saudi Arabia is looking at several options against Iran”

SHAFAQNA – A Bahraini charge d’affaires told Shafaqna in exclusive comments that Saudi Arabia is considering rolling out a series of sanctions against Iran, “as Riyadh feels threatened by the Islamic Republic.”

Speaking on condition of anonymity the official conceded that Riyadh is eager to rise a regional coalition against Tehran, as Iran has gained political traction in both the Middle East and Central Asia over the past year.

“Al-Saud officials are uneasy before the rise of Iran as a regional superpower now that Washington and other EU states are looking to open new markets and built new political bridges … There is a desire to undermine the growing trend.”

Experts have already stressed that Saudi Arabia’s aggressive stance against Iran, has been a long time in the making and had absolutely nothing to do with the recent attack against is embassy.

Finian Cunningham, an RT columnist and pundit noted in his last oped how Riyadh is out to paint Iran as a nefarious power for the sake of regional hegemony – looking to drag the NATO into a military standoff to better assert its positions within the region, and carve a bigger empire still.


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