Bahraini opposition in London announces program on anniversary “Saudi occupation.”

SHAFAQNA( Exclusive ) – Bahraini opposition bloc in Britain announced a series of special events in the fourth anniversary of the Saudi troops invading to Bahrain. The program begins in the Abrar Foundation with a seminar in English on Tuesday, March 10, with the participation of the political elite, and a sit-in on Wednesday in front of the headquarters of the British government. On Thursday, March 12, a press conference in House of Lords, where it is scheduled to attend the conference a British Parliament.
On Friday, Dar Al Hekma in Arabic, is hosting a seminar on the occasion, with a number of political figures participating. On Saturday, March 14th, the anniversary of the “Saudi occupation,” Bahrain’s Day, the opposition organize a sit-in in front of the Saudi embassy in London. And continues seminars anniversary, where regulates Culture and Information Council of Britain (Dar al-Islam) symposium on the evening of the same day.
Marple outside London Square will held a photo exhibition on Sunday, March 15, offers a definition of a photographer violations practiced by Saudi forces in Bahrain.

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