Bahraini opposition Makes a formal complaint to the British police against Nasser Hamad al-Khalifa

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – lawyer Sue Wellman Submitted on Friday (March 20) a formal complaint to the British police against Nasser Hamad Al Khalifa, the son of the ruling Khulaifi, on behalf of her client Bahrani known for short as (FF), against the backdrop of Nasser accused of torturing Bahraini activists.
Activist Bahrani Ali Mushaima, said that “Bahrainis will spare no effort until they tried Nasser to gain a penalty of his actions,” Mushaima He added that the next issue will be to file a complaint against Interior Minister Khulaifi Rashed Al Khalifa.
Bahraini activists, in collaboration with British and international activists, judicial battles in London and Europe in the framework of the prosecution of those responsible for committing violations and crimes against the indigenous population in Bahrain, in addition to lawsuits aimed at the prosecution of British support to the Western Khulaifi, and the pressure to lift the cover on the regime and allow for prosecution in international courts.

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