Bahraini regime violations against Ashura: summons and arrest of reciters

SHAFAQNA (Exclusive ) – Bahraini regime backed with Saudi troops continue violations of religious freedoms, since the continuation of summons for reciters and Alroaded participated in Ashura and aza, which represents the commemoration of the martyrdom Imam Hussain .Today summons of  Alradoud Mahdi Sehwan for interrogation in police station of Hamad town November 9th, 2014, while Alradoud Fadel Abbas Alderazi after being summoned for interrogation a few days ago did not come back and got arrested .

The Bahrain Human Rights Observatory revealed high levels in Ashura violations by 56% compared with last year’s Ashura. They explained that the regime has removed hundreds of black flags and religious banners, and the number of target areas 25 area which included sabotage of artworks.

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