Bahraini Shiite cleric ‘Sheikh Al-Mansi in Isolation waiting for Medical Results

SHAFAQNA – The Reform and Rehabilitation Department at the Bahraini Ministry of Interior denied holding Shiite cleric Sheikh Mohammad Al-Mansi in solitary confinement, claiming that it placed him in “isolation” to await his medical results.

It further explained that “every prisoner or detainee in pre-trial detention is subjected to direct medical examination after being held in the detention center.”

“As for the detainee Sheikh Mohammad Al-Mansi, he was received at the pre-trial detention center and according to the international measures and standards for the rights of prisoners and detainees, new detainees are held in a special place under the supervision of a medical clinic until their medical test resulted are concluded.

In case the tests prove that he does not suffer from any contagious diseases, he will be transferred to a prison cell,” it added.

“We would also like to explain that Al-Mansi is not in solitary confinement. He is in isolation until the results of his medical examination are issued.

Sheikh Al-Mansi enjoys all his rights; visitation and calls, in addition to daily exposure to sunlight,” the Reform and Rehabilitation Department further stated.

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