Bahrainis reached 182 protests in front of the Saudi embassy in London: “Al-Saud, the source of terrorism and its protectors”

SHAFAQNA – Bahrainis activists continue their weekly protest outside the building of Saudi embassy in the British capital London. The protesters unfurled banners condemning the crimes suffered by Bahrainis during the “Saudi invasion” of Bahrain in March 2011 .Protesters unfurled leaders Photos of the revolution as well as the detainees and Ayatollah Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr. They were a group of protestors chanting against what they described as “Saudi occupation”, and other solidarity with Sheikh Nimr and prisoners of conscience in Saudi prisons.

It is one of the speakers spoke of the protesters in front of passers-by in the street, overlooking the embassy saying that “the Al Saud are the source of terrorism and its protectors,” and added that “Saudi Arabia is home to the symbols of terrorism and funded projects that stoke sectarian conflict in the region.”

The activists Bahrainis for the fourth year in a row staying a sit-weekly every Wednesday outside the Saudi Embassy, and particularly since March 2011, which is the date entered by the Saudi forces to Bahrain and the subsequent demolition of more than 35 Shias mosques and killing citizens on the identification and arrest of thousands with the imposition of martial law.

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