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Bahrain’s Shiite cleric reaffirms commitment to peaceful approach


SHAFAQNA – Speaking during a sermon at Manama’s Imam al-Sadiq Mosque on Thursday evening, Bahraini Shiite cleric Sayed Abdullah Al-Ghuraifi reaffirmed his commitment to a peaceful approach in dealing with Bahrain’s political crisis.

Sayed Al-Ghuraifi said that he has always “emphasized the prohibition … of violence, extremism, terrorism … and sectarian incitement.”

“All sincere efforts must be synergized to build a nation of love and tolerance, a homeland of harmony and rapprochement, a homeland of good and prosperity, a homeland of security and safety and a homeland of justice and peace,” he added.

Last week, Bahrain’s leading Shiite clerics, including Sayed Al-Ghuraifi, were threatened with ‘legal action’ and accused of attempting to stoke unrest by the regime in Manama.

The threats followed a statement issued by the clerics, which appealed to the Bahraini monarch to commute all death sentences in the Gulf kingdom.

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