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Bahria town Pakistan inaugurates 7th biggest mosque of the world

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)


Bharia town Lahore has inaugurated the mosque which is seventh largest of its kind.The main hall of the mosque can accommodate 25,000 worshippers and it has a total capacity of 70,000. It has 21 domes and four 165 feet high minarets. These specifications make it the largest mosque in Pakistan in terms of covered areaIt features marbled floors, tailor-made chandeliers and its ornate halls have been beautified with 4,000,000 mosaic tiles. The tiles have been handcrafted by artisans from Multan.

An area on the second floor of the mosque has been reserved for women. The basement of the mosque has been reserved for an Islamic art gallery and a religious school. These will start functioning in a few months.



Other largest mosques include Masjad.e.Nabvi ( S.A.W) which is the capacity to accommodate 1 million people while Masjid al Makka in Malaysia has 5 lakh thirty eight thousand, Siddique Mosque in France has capacity of 4 lakh 95 thousand prayer offerers. Similary 4 lakh fifty thousand in Umer Farooq (R.A) Mosque in US, 4 lakh thrity thousand Muslims can offer prayer in in British Islamic research centre.

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