Banned outfit SSP holds procession against the tyarranies of Yazid

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)

Banned outfit SSP that always opposed Azadari finally accepted the great martyrdom of Hazarat Imam Hussain A.S. According to detailes Sipah.e.Sahaba Pakistan held a procession to pay rich tribute to grandson of Holy Prophet PBUH, Hazar Imam Hussain A.S. This rally was held from Red mosque to Press culb on the day of Ashura. This procession proves that despite their anti- ideology SSP confessed the greatness of grandson of Holy Prophet PBUH.

According to dtails SSP does not consider Yazid as the guilty for Karbala war and declares it a war between two princes and every year it demands to ban Ashura procession. But this year SSP held a rally to pay tribute to Hazarar Imam Hussain A.S which proves that you can not remain oblivious to trugh.

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