Barcelona’s Lionel Messi grabbed by throat, shoved to ground by Malaga player

SHAFAQNA- There were no goals, but there was plenty of hostility in Barcelona’s match against Malaga on Wednesday.

Lionel Messi found himself flat on the ground in the 82nd minute after Malaga’s Weligton grabbed the Barca star by the throat and shoved him backward. The move came after Messi and Malaga bumped shoulders while the ball was out of play.

Weligton was given a yellow card, as was Barcelona’s Gerard Pique for his angry reaction.

“He thought I caught him in the face, but it was by accident,” Weligton told reporters.“You can see from the images. He got angry and came at me, calling me a ‘son of a b—-.’ That was when I caught him by the throat.”

Weligton said the two did not speak after the match.

“There was no need to talk with him afterwards,” Weligton said. “If he wants to talk to me then no problem, if I make a mistake then I recognise it and apologise. But if he acts another way, then no problem either.”

As the Daily Mail points out, the two have clashed before. Weligton has been caught stomping on Messi.

Source: Nationalpost

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