Foreign Minister: IS Won’t Stop at Iraq

SHAFAQNA – Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim Jaafari has warned that the Islamic State (IS) didn’t start in Iraq, and it will not end in Iraq. He said that the strongest possible action against the group must be taken.

“Our demand is not only to ask the international community to participate in the conference that is due to be held in Paris on September 15, but also to take strong, decisive action against the threat of IS insurgents because the group is not related to just Arab states or Asian countries, but the entire world,” read a statement released by Jaafari’s office on Sunday.

He said without a dynamic, immediate response, Islamic State will grow in both power and reach. A failure to address this now will be catastrophic. 

On an official invitation from the French President François Hollande, the president of Iraq Fuad Masum and a delegation of leading Iraqi officials, including Jaafari, flew to Paris on Sunday to participate in the conference.

The Iraqi delegates at the Paris Conference will discuss the challenge of Islamic State with representatives from 40 countries.

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