Be protected, get vaccinated

SHAFAQNA –  Twenty percent of Americans suffer from flu or influenzacausing more than 200,000 people to get hospitalized to due to complications. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention said this could have been prevented if only people get themselves vaccinated.

Older people or seniors like the one from the Natchez are more susceptible to flu. The good thing is there are a lot of ways of protecting one’s self from the influenza virus. Keeping a healthy lifestyleproper diet and washing hands are among the easiest way of preventing flu but the most effective one would be to have a flu shot.

According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there are many ways of getting flu vaccine especially for the Natchez residents. For seniors, they can easily get free flu shot using their Medicare Advantage card. Visiting the will also give you locations of clinics that provides free flu vaccine.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimated a total of 6.6 million illnesses prevented last year due to people who had their flu shots on time.

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