Beauty was her name – Lady Fatimah bint Muhammad

SHAFAQNA – Oh My Lady,

Such sweetness lingers
I hear your name
to wish for myself
be you~
flower, treasure,
like a gem,
precious pearl
in all this world..

Oh My Lady,
Your obedience, submission to Allah,
Your dedication and sacrifice for beloved father, Rasulullah
peace be upon him
our beloved Prophet,
no other surpasses of noblest being
and manners as he –
whom you love, ever so dearly..

Oh My Lady,
Like a pearl that you are,
A shining light,
like a bright lit star
beautiful soul you possess
an exemplar for the rest,
softness, firmnest put to the test,
Humility bountiful, sheer blissfulness..

Oh My Lady,
Fatimah Az-Zahra…
My wish someday
to be in your line, Hereafter…
as precious diamonds,
with sparkly traits,
fruit reaped,
many successes,
and blessedly rewarded –
to be those that He chose –
– the Guided Pearl,
in His Majestic world…

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