Believe in Imam Mahdi (AJ) started with Islam (Part 19)

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – Imam Sadiq (AS) said: Whilst Imam Ali (AS) was sitting in his preaching chamber in Kofa, said: Allah (SWT) will never leave the earth without his proof but God will deprive people from seeing Imam Mahdi (AJ) because of their transgressing beyond bonds and inflicting oppression and injustice on themselves. The ways to reach Imam Mahdi (AJ) at the end of time are discussed in a book in Farsi entitled “Zaboor-e-Noor” by Mohammad Reza Ramzy Ohadi and some of these ways are discussed here.

Imam Ali (AS) described the conditions of the end of the time (Akharul Zaman): And that is the time when no one will be saved except every believer whom when he/she attends a meeting will not be recognised and whenever he/she is absent no one will look for them. They are lights of guidance and will lit the ways of those moving at night, they stay away from corruption, tell-tale, backbiting and will not get involved in fault finding and idle talk about others. Allah (SWT) will open the doors of mercy for their sake and will remove the torments from them. O’ people, there will come a time when Islam will be overturned like a container and whatever in it will pour out.

Yaman Tammar said: We were sitting next to Imam Sadiq (AS) when he said: Sahebul Amr (Imam Mahdi, AJ) will have occultation and believers at that time will face difficulties.” And then he said: In order to protect his/her religion, a servant of God must be pious and stick to the religion. In Kamalo Deen by Sheikh Sadooq it is narrated from Imam Baqer (AS): A time will come when people’s Imam will be absent from them, fortunate are those who stay on our path. Jaber said: I asked: O’ the son of the Prophet (PBUH), what are the best ways that a believer can do in that time? Imam Baqer (AS) replied: Protecting the tongue and staying indoors.

To be continued

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