Believe in Imam Mahdi (AJ) started with Islam (Part 21)

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – A narration has been reported from Imam Mahdi (AJ) in Beharul Anwaar saying: Allah (SWT) made us (referring to infallible Imams) and the people are made (trained and educated) by us. The commentary of this narration is given below.

One of the principles of Shia Islam is “Imamate”. As it is necessary to believe in the prophethood, believing in Imamate is also a must. Any proof which is provided to prove the prophethood the same is used to prove Imamate. The above narration from Imam Mahdi (AJ) and Imam Ali’s (AS) letter [1] to Moaweieh, with slight differences translate as: “We are made and educated by the Almighty but people are trained and educated by us.” From the point of view of commentary, this sentence has deep meanings and includes many secrets regarding the divine position of the infallible Imams which cannot be understood by people’s wisdoms.

Ibn Abel Hadeed in the commentary of the Nahjul Balagha [2] said: This is a great saying, the best of saying and has the highest of meanings. Imam Baqer (AS) said: No human being has placed us in any position, only Allah (SWT) has honoured us with all the blessings. Therefore there is no intermediator between us and the Almighty, on the contrary people are trained by us, and we are intermediators between people and God. This is a great position which is given to us by Allah (SWT). Imam Ali (AS) said: My appearance is that I am the successor to the Prophet (PBUH) and my hidden side is an invisible aspect which will not be understood (by people) [3].

[1] Nahjul Balagha, Letter Number 28.

[2] Sharhe Nahjul Balagha, Vol. 15, Page 194.

[3] Alhafez Rajab Albarsi, Mashareq Anwaaral Yaqeen fi Asrar Amiral Momeneen (AS), Bija, Manshoratal Shareef Alrazi, Page 70, Qarachadaqi Tabrizi, Al-La’amatal Bayza, Qom, Alhadi, First Edition, 1418 AH, Page 64.

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