Believe in Imam Mahdi (AJ) started with Islam (Part sixteen)

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – To have a Mahdawi lifestyle as is necessary for all those who actively waiting for the appearance of Imam Mahdi (AJ), some basic but crucially important points must be observed. These basic points are outlined below.

  1. Vision- A person with vision is the one who listens and thinks, looks in order to see, learns from the experiences, then follows a way that is lit, to prevent falling into traps. Vision means, in the absence of the Imam (AS), we must realise what is required from us and act appropriately.
  2. Act on the teachings of the religion- People whose motto in life is based on authentic religious teachings and act on them always attract respect in societies they live in.
  3. Realising the presence- Meaning in all aspects of individual and social life a person must consider himself/herself in the presence of Imam Mahdi (AJ) and never think for a moment that he/she is away from the kind attention of Imam (AS). This way of thinking will lead to purifying a person’s actions.
  4. Mahdawi lifestyle- Meaning we must follow what is good and believe in the hereafter. As is mentioned in Ayah 83 of Surah Al-Qesas, if we want to be included with the real believers of the hereafter we must stay away from, arrogance, selfishness and immorality in order to attain characteristic which will help us to become pious and survive the trials of life. According to Meraj narration (Hadith), the real believers of the hereafter are good-doers and their characteristics include, modesty, piety, awareness, self-critique, care about all of their behaviours, sleep less, do more, other people feel secure when they are with them and they cry for all the difficulties the infallibles faced by their enemies.
  5. Having firm belief and righteousness together- Firm belief and righteousness have been mentioned 62 times in the holy Quran side by side which indicate the importance of them and stress that they are inseparable. Righteous deeds are those acts in life which can lead a believing person closer to the Almighty and guide him/her to accomplishment.
  6. To have the proper knowledge (or be educated) of Jihad and resistance- Having such a spirit will help a person to oppose arrogant people and forces. To have an authentic view of martyrdom and resistance will prepare a person to be anti-greed and anti-arrogance.
  7. Submit to the will of Allah (SWT) and praise the Almighty for all the given sustenance- It is mentioned in the holy Quran: Only minorities of people submit and give thanks to God. Therefore in Mahdawi lifestyle we should increase our level of submission and thanksgiving to Allah (SWT).

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