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Why believers should not be deceived by those who love this world?

SHAFAQNA – It is narrated from Imam Sajjad (AS) who said: O’ believers, do not be deceived by those who are rebellious (against God) and their followers who have fallen in love with this world and are deceived by it. Those who are inclined to this world and its rotten goods and dried plants which will soon be taken away from the human being; (make sure) tyrants (or Taqoots meaning; false Gods/idols/anti-Gods/those who rebel against God) and their followers do not deceive you. Their followers firstly are their associates and then the mass of people who fall in love with them without any research, without a sense of responsibility or commitment (to God) in order to attain worldly desires and possessions; these are their followers [1].

In this narration some of the characteristics of those who rebel against God as well as their followers have been described. These types of people are in love with the world and the worldly objects and desires, and their efforts and worries are to get to these things. The world here does not mean the earth or the environment which we live in, but it means having worldly desires, and wanting more and more worldly enjoyments. Gathering wealth is one example, reaching to highest and most powerful positions is another example, and all these are liable to destruction according to the holy Quran and the Ahlul Bait (AS). These people try for the world, for all those things which in their eyes are great but in fact they are worthless (because they are prone to destruction and are temporary); the believers must make sure that they are not deceived by this type of people.

[1] Al-Shafi, Page 845.

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