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What are the benefits of the sunrise and the sunset?

SHAFAQNA – Imam Sadeq (AS) told Mofadhal: O’ Mofadhal, think about the sunrise and the sunset for creation of the night and the day. If there was no sunrise, the affairs of the world would have been annulled, and people could not carry on with their lives, and the world would have been always dark for them. O’ Mofadhal, think about the benefits of the sunset; if there was no sunset, people could not rest, because they strongly need to rest and sleep in order that the tiredness is removed from their eyes and their bodies can re-energise, and the digestion system becomes ready to digest food and spread it to all body parts. If it was always day and light, the greed would have made people to work continuously and wear out their bodies. Indeed, many people are so greedy in gathering and hoarding wealth that if the night time was not an obstacle, they would have not rested, and would have worked so much that they would have collapsed [1].

[1] Towhid Mofadhal, Translation by Allahmah Majlesi, Page 162.

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