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Berlin: Authorities are unresponsive to Mosque attacks

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SHAFAQNA- At least 14 cases of mosque attacks have been registered in Berlin since 2016. It was mostly about right-wing and Islamophobic acts of unknown perpetrators, as the Senate administration stated after a request by Greens MPs in a response in mid-November. Although these statistics published, authorities still don’t pay attention to mosques protection.

In 2016, among other things, a package find in the parcel distribution center under “politically motivated crime right” (PMK-right) was classified because the addressee was the Mevlana mosque. In the package was therefore a rotting pig’s head half. In the same year in Berlin-Kreuzberg in a primary school received a postcard with Islamophobic content. Several times the Sehitlik mosque was the target of attacks. Not forgetting the arson attack on a Turkish cultural association in Reinickendorf, which resulted in a fire of the ground floor of a multi-family house.

According to a report of the “Neue Ruhr Zeitung” on Wednesday, more than 1,069 assaults on Muslims and Muslim institutions in Germany were committed last year, according to the Federal Interior Ministry’s response to a small question from the Greens parliamentary group.

According to a statement by federal government about Islamophobia and anti-Muslim crimes, in the second quarter of 2018, a total of 124 offenses with the sub-topic “Islamophobia” were reported. In the second quarter of 2018, eight people were reported as injured in eight offenses with the sub-theme “Islamophobia”.


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