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Bharain says to Qatar , DON’T FORCE US TO TAKE ACTION!

SHAFAQNA – Qatar was warned yesterday that Bahrain would be forced to take action if it continued its provocative policies. Interior Minister Lieutenant-General Shaikh Rashid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa was commenting on the general resentment towards Qatar’s policy of offering Qatari citizenship to some Bahrainis, while asking them to give up their Bahraini citizenship. He said that the policy goes against the brotherly and co-operative spirit between members of the GCC. ‘Bahrain continues to call for Gulf citizenship and treats all GCC nationals according to this principle,’ he said. ‘We are one family with one kinship, religion, language and joint history. We also work together in accordance with the GCC and the Arab League. ‘Unfortunately, illegal procedures taken by Qatar led to the arrest of a member of a Bahraini family. His family is among some of the most loyal, law abiding citizens of Bahrain who are known for their good reputation,’ the minister said. ‘If the unfriendly policies by Qatar and the attempts to entice Bahrainis to give away their nationality continue, Bahrain will be forced to take action that it would have otherwise preferred not to.’

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