Bigger iPhones are leading to tablet neglect

SHAFAQNA – you are one of the 39 million consumers that have so far snapped up one of Apple’s new larger iPhones, chances are that your iPad has started to gather dust.

Pocket, the app that allows users to save articles and videos for later consumption, has been analysing its own app data to see if the launch of Apple smartphones with larger screens is changing their owners’ behaviour.

After checking over 2 million uses of its app, it found that people who own both a new iPhone and an iPad are going to their tablets less and less.

For example, Pocket app users that own an iPhone 5 or 5S and an iPad go to their phone 55% of the time to retrieve an article or video saved in Pocket and to the tablet 45% of the time.

However, iPhone 6 Plus owners, who are in possession of a phone with a 5.5in display, are now consuming this saved content 80% of the time on their handsets and only 20% of the time on their iPad.

Pocket also found that the bigger the phone’s screen, the bigger the chance that videos are going to be viewed — iPhone 6 Plus owners open nearly 40% more video in Pocket than iPhone 5 or 5S owners and 16% more than iPhone 6 owners.

Bigger phones also mean being able to leave the tablet at home — over a given weekend, iPhone 6 Plus users viewed 67% more content on their phone than those with a smaller iPhone.

However, Pocket also noted that not all content is devoured in greater quantities when the user has access to a laager handset — iPhone 6 Plus owners read 22% less in the mornings compared with iPhone 5, 5S or iPhone 6 owners. Pocket suggests that this is because a larger device is much harder to hold with one hand while traveling on public transport.

As a result, Apple device owners are starting to fall in line with their Android counterparts where average display sizes have historically been larger than those on the iPhone.

Pocket’s data shows that when a user has both an Android phone and an Android tablet, 80% of saved content is viewed or read via their handset. —

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AFP/Relaxnews 2014

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