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Blaming God for the lunacy of Men

submission to God

SHAFAQNA – There have been much hate and fear-tainted ignorance being thrown at Muslims, and of course by association Islam in the wake of Brussels’ attacks. Once more the mob came out calling for blood, demanding that something, someone … anyone be sacrificed to the pyre of national security, so they, the people could go about living their sheltered life, oblivious to the horrors their governments have perpetuated, and fed to sustain, feed and satisfy their ever-expanding financial dominion.

Make no mistake, this terror you are seeing being played is rooted in greed, and a desire to control which greatly surpasses our understanding. And while Terror’s foot-soldiers might claim, or even believe that they are serving a religious cause, their leaders, patrons and architects’ ambitions are very political indeed.

Let us remember that Terror is THE expression of political greed par excellence …How can there be anything divine, moral or ethic, in the pursuit of death? How can any system claim to be holy if based on bloodshed? How can anyone consider serving God when obliterating His creation?

Are we not after all the sons and daughters of the All Mighty? In all our imperfections, our flaws, and irreparable ignorance, are we not still hoping to be exempt from our sins on account we are His to hold and forgive?

Are we not all looking for salvation … whether we care to admit or not?

I have read and heard many obscene allegations, many calls for a religious genocide and other profanities against Islam under the pretence that Islam is inherently violent. To those who wish 1.6 billion dead I would like to ask this: should this crime come to pass, should you have your way with Islam, whose hands would be tainted then? Whose way would be lost? Whose faith would have been sacrificed to appease fear’s demons? Who would be the terrorist then?

Terror’s greatest victory would be to turn us into its image … I would personally prefer to walk the path set before us by God’s prophets. I would rather stand in His truth, and in His words and call upon His mercy, and His courage to give our hearts the strength to answer Terror with which is better.

Violence is the language of Terror, blood is its sustenance, and fear its oxygen. Let us allow for reason and not passion to dictate our actions … If not, how would we be any different from those we call terrorists?

Islam is a faith based on submission and justice. Islam is God’s message to humanity. The same message which was bestowed upon Adam, Noah, Abraham, Lot, David, Sulaiman,  John the Baptist (Yehia), Jesus (Issa) and Muhammad.

If we all agree that God is in fact One, and at the same multitude, how can we not understand that His message like Him, is one in the multitude? How can we say we believe in Him, and not see Him in His creation …. All of His creation? God made us, as He wished us to be, it is in our submission to Him that we can transcend the flesh, and truly be at peace in Him – the absolute divine.

Intolerance is not a road we should ambition to walk on, as it is paved with self-importance, vanity and greed.

Terror is not Islamic, nor is it Judaic or Christian … Terror is Evil … an expression of hate, impurity, and heresy. Terror is the Devil’s work, and Terror is the Devil’s plan.

There is only darkness in hatred.

Ultimately Terror ambitions to destroy all faiths so that it could proclaim itself divine and all powerful. Ultimately it is how we respond to Terror’s affront which will determine the quality of our heart, and the depth of our faith.

Did we believe that God could speak to us, and not test us in our faith? Have we learnt nothing from Job, and how in the face of poverty, diseased, and pain, he held on to God with absolute certainty? Have we learnt nothing from Abraham’s submission to God’s command, and what courage must have animated his heart, so that he could contemplate sacrificing his son? Have we not learnt from Jesus the gift of patience, tolerance, and love? Have we forgotten the strength, guidance and wisdom Prophet Muhammad demonstrated throughout his life, so that he could share the light which was given to him, and his blessed House?

This Terror we see today is old … as old as time. This terror our Imams faced, and our Imams conquered. It is the same Terror which claimed Imam Ali, Imam Hassan, Imam Hussain and their progeny after them. It is the same Terror they defeated by rising above fear, and hatred, through patient devotion, and worship.

There was light given to us by the Prophet Muhammad, and his progeny, let us stand in it!

By Catherine Shakdam for Shafaqna


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