Blast reported in Yemeni capital outside the residence of the Iranian ambassador

SHAFAQNA – A car bomb has exploded outside the residence of the Iranian ambassador in Yemen killing at least two people, according to witnesses and officials.

Ambassador Hasan Nam Wadi was npot harmed when the attack took place in the diplomatic district of Hada, officials said.

The Wednesday morning blast also heavily damaged several buildings in the area.

Interior ministry said that one of the embassy guards and two transpassers, a woman and a child, were killed in the attack, adding that four were injured, one in critical condition.

Shia Muslim Houthi rebels close to Iran took control of Sanaa in September and fanned out across the country, clashing with Sunni tribesmen and also with Yemen’s local branch of al-Qaeda.

Hakim al-Masmari, the editor-in-chief for the Yemen Post newspaper, told Al Jazeera that no one has claimed responsibility yet for the incident.

“It is probable that it was al-Qaeda behind the attack as the group often targets Yemeni state targets as well as Houthi rebels and Shias,” he said.

“This is first of many expected attacks that al-Qaeda has been threatening against Houthi and Shia targets as Houthi offensive against al-Qaeda back tribesmen continue,” he added

“This shows how tense the situation in Yemenis. Iran is seen as the one of the main backers of Houthis in Yemen.”

The US and Yemen’s Sunni Gulf neighbours suspect Iran is meddling in the impoverished state and there are fears of sectarian warfare spreading to other countries of the region. Iran denies interfering in Yemeni affairs.

Iranian diplomats have been targeted in Yemen in the past. One Iranian diplomat is still being held hostage by suspected fighters and another was killed this year when he resisted a kidnapping attempt.

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