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Blindness Does Not Mean Limitations, Turkish Quran Reciter Says


Ahmet Ali Sarakaya, who came second in the recitation category of the second international Quran competition for the visually-impaired, underlined that if he considered blindness a limitation, he would have never made the accomplishments he has made in different areas, including in Quranic fields.

“I believe that through efforts and practice, one can make great achievements,” he said.

He urged the visually-impaired and all others with physical disabilities to avoid losing hope and rather have faith in themselves and their abilities and talents.

Elsewhere, the 27-year-old Turkish Qari referred to his Quranic activities, saying he has managed to win many titles in international Quran competitions.

Sarakaya said he has benefited a lot from the expertise and knwodlege of Quran experts in his country, especially from masters like Sheikh Khalid Muhammad Hanafi and Sheikh Izzat Seyed Rashid, two senior Turkish Quran reciters and memorizers.

He further described the level of importance attached to Quranic activities in Turkey as good, but said there is still need for more attention to the field.

Asked about employing new techniques and modern methods in teaching the Quran, he said new technologies and methods that are developed over the years can be very helpful in teaching the Quran.

Technology should be at the service of the Quran, Sarakaya said, noting that, for instance, many Egyptian Qaris use the cyberspace to teach Quran recitation.

The second international Quran competition for the visually-impaired was held in the Iranian capital in late April.

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