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Book by Sunni cleric on Lady Fatima’s (Peace Be Upon Her) merits to be published soon

SHAFAQNA – The Academic Assembly of the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine has announced the completion of revising a book on “Fatima Ez-Zehra’s” (Peace Be Upon Her) merits.

The book was written by one of the most authentic Sunni Muslim clerics, namely El-Hakim En-Naisaburi, who passed away in 405 A.H.

The author wrote many books, one of his books is “Fatima Ez-Zehra’s merits” in which he used 231 Sunni Muslim referential narrations telling about Lady Fatima’s merits.

In his book, En-Naisaburi evidentially proved that “Fatima Ez-Zehra (Peace Be Upon Her) is the best of all women of mankind from the early generations to the very last” based on the saying of her father, the Prophet Mohammed (God’s Blessings Be Upon Him and His Pure Family).

The book will soon be published, and it is going to end all the arguments on the godly rank of Lady Fatima (Peace Be Upon Her).

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