Book on Life of Prominent Qaris to Be Unveiled in Cairo


SHAFAQNA- A book featuring the life and achievements of 31 renowned Qaris of the Muslim world will be unveiled in Cairo later this month.

Titled “Sufara al-Quran” (ambassadors of Quran), it has been written in 192 pages by Egyptian Muhammad Abdul Aziz Yunus.

According to Uyunalkhalij website, it will be presented for the first time at the 48th Cairo International Book Fair, slated for January 26-February 10.

Mahmoud Khalil al-Hasri, Taha al-Fashani, Mahmoud Sidiq al-Minshawi, Abdul Basit Abdus Samad, Ahmed Amir, Ahmed Noaina, and Ahmed Isa al-Misarawi from Egypt, Yahya bin Ahmed al-Halili from Yemen, Ibrahim al-Akhzar and Sajjad Mustafa from Hijaz (Saudi Arabia) and Muhammad Karim bin Saeed Rajih from the Levant (Syria) are some of the Quran reciters mentioned in Sufara al-Quran.

The book, which is in Arabic, was published by Dar al-Asr publications earlier this month.

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