Break out detention center of 42 inmates in Venezuela

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)- Forty-two prisoners have escaped from a detention center in the Venezuelan state of Miranda.

The men managed to break out of a jail in Los Teques, the capital city of Venezuela’s Miranda state, early on Wednesday, local media reported.

The prisoners used a gap in the detention center’s back door to carry out their breakout plan.

The fugitive prisoners included eight car burglars, 23 murderers, and four who had been sent to prison for abduction.

Los Teques detention center can only hold 40 prisoners, but over 130 inmates were being kept in the prison when the breakout took place.

According to the non-governmental Venezuelan Observatory of Prisons, the country’s jails are extremely overcrowded and are also beset with deadly violence and riots that have claimed the lives of 150 inmates in the first half of 2014.




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