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Breast Milk Increases IQ

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SHAFAQNA-“The breast-fed infant’s intelligence quotient rate is eight units higher than infants fed by infant formula,” infant specialist said.
According to Astan News, Reza Saeedi, on the sidelines of the scientific conference “Breastfeeding” which was held on Sunday evening at the Razavi Hospital, in an interview with our reporter on the benefits of breastfeeding said, “Most mothers start feeding their babies with their milk, but unfortunately, in the early months of the birth they do arbitrarily cut this feeding method by thinking that the baby’s required nutrition is not fully contained in breast milk.”
“In fact, it should be acknowledged that breastfeeding the infant in the first six months after birth reduces the annual mortality rate of children to one million infants in a global manner,” Managing Director of Razavi Hospital stated.
Saeedi emphasizing that breast milk supplies all the nutritional needs of the infant even water right to the end of the 6th month said, “The mother who feeds her child with her milk in spite of providing their infant with benefits also benefits from this method herself; For instance, these mothers are less likely to suffer from anemia and iron deficiency and they are more resistant to cancers like breast cancer.”
“Perhaps the most important accreditation of breast milk lies in the field of its production to consumption nature as well as the fact that the disruption and contamination of breast milk is much less than other types of milk in the market,” he then added.
“Breast milk provides all the nutritional and water needs of the baby and reduces infectious diseases at early ages, and also it has long-term benefits for infants; for example, the intelligence quotient of the babies who are breast-fed is eight units more than those fed by infant formula,” the infant specialist expressed.
“Adult illnesses such as type 2 diabetes (adult diabetes), gastrointestinal diseases known as inflammation of the intestine, some cancers and cardiovascular diseases are less common in those fed with breastfeeding” he pointed out.
“About 99% of children are breast-fed at the beginning of the birth, which reaches to 70% at the age of three months and at six months it is reduced to 55%, which indicates the desired state of Iran is in this field,” the Managing Director of the Razavi Hospital commented.
He further compared the statistics on infant feeding in European and American countries with Iran and asserted, “Exclusive breastfeeding in these countries reduces by 25% six months after the birth of the baby, which is due to the high percentage of employed mothers and single parenthood in these countries.”
“The purpose of such scientific seminars is to promote exclusive breastfeeding during the first six months of the birth and to continue it for two years, which is recommended by religious and educational teachings; it also has the confirmation of the World Health Organization,” Saeedi remarked.
It is worth mentioning, the 10th one-day scientific conference “Breast-feeding” was held on Sunday at the Razavi Specialist Hospital with the presence of a team of experts and professors from Mashhad University of Medical Sciences and the Nursing Research Center of the Northeast of Iran.

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