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“We are the Bright Beacons of Guidance” – Imam Hussain

SHAFAQNA – Following are the couplets that Imam Husayn (as) recited on the afternoon of Ashura while he was fighting the enemies.

This is me, son of Ali (as) of virtue from the Family of Hashim clan and such a pride of such a relationship is sufficient

And my grandfather was the noblest man walked on earth; yes we are lights of God to lead His people

And Fatima (sa) is my mother, the daughter and offspring of Ahmad, (in Arabic, the prophet’s named heavenly, the most praised) and my uncle, Ja’far is called bearer of angel-like wings (Tayyar)

In our house the book of God came down with truth and heavenly guidance and in which the revelation are mentioned

The trusteeship of the blessed fountain in heaven is dedicated to us, the heaven water what we would give to our devotees to drink by cup of the Prophet. That’s undeniable

Our devotees would be the most respectable among men while those who hate us would be the losers.

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