Brisbane airport police interrogates Muslim women wearing headscarves intentionally

SHAFAQNA – According to reported that ”  Two Christchurch Muslim sisters are furious at being held for two hours and treated like “a potential threat” at Brisbane Airport while on their way to see their father win a medical award. Nada Tawfeek, a 21-year-old Canterbury University student, and her sister Hannah, 18, were pulled aside at the Australian terminal by a security guard asking “a bunch of intimidating, intrusive questions”, then later detained in a room for two hours – even during a fire alarm evacuation. The women – who were wearing headscarves – were told it was a “random selection”, but Tawfeek believes it was religious profiling.

The Report added ” “You feel really intimidated. Like you’ve done something wrong, but you haven’t.” “They were ambushing us really.” Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy said the Commission continued to work alongside and support Muslim New Zealanders who “often faced the brunt of actions taking place thousands of miles away”. She was “disappointed” the Tawfeeks felt they were unfairly targeted. “Balancing security with people’s human rights and dignity is a challenge faced by all governments, including ours.””

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