British government gives £100m to MI5 and MI6 to boost security

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – British Chancellor, George Osborne, told the BBC: “We have put a huge amount of planning and effort, from the police, from the security services, from the Government, into anticipating what might happen, stopping some of these attacks. Of course we have been successful in doing that over the last year.

“Within the last few weeks we have put extra money, over £100m, into specifically monitoring people who are going to conflicts in Syria and Iraq, these self-starting terrorists who get their ideas off the internet and then want to perpetrate horrendous crimes.

“So we are putting a huge effort in, as the director general of MI5 has said over the last 24 hours, that is the threat we face and we face the threat from a more complex plot.

“So we have got to be vigilant, we have got to have the resources there.

“My commitment is very clear: this is the national priority, we will put the resources in, whatever the security services need they will get because they do a heroic job on our behalf.”

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