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British Home Secretary calls for Muslims to fight extremism

SHAFAQNA – Britain Home Secretary, Theresa May is  to appeal to Muslims to help tackle extremism as she insists Britain must no longer tolerate those who fail to respect its values.

In a speech later today, the Home Secretary will say the freedoms on offer in the UK come with “responsibilities” to respect the way others live.

“Individual people, families and whole communities need help and those of you fighting the extremists deserve our support,” Mrs May is expected to say.

Home Secretary Theresa May is in difficult territory with the new counter-terrorism policy unveiled today.

We have heard how girls from moderate Muslim families in East London seem to have become radicalised to travel on to Syria and that is the sort of activity that Theresa May is trying to bring in these measures to intercept. She is trying to do deal with things that stop short of terrorism, but fall under the term extremism and that is always going to be a matter of definition.

Now May has really upset some quite moderate Muslim groups with some of the things she has been proposing. Some of them are perplexed with what Sharia Law has to do with this so these are very deep and sensitive waters into which she is stepping.

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