British Intelligence Recruits Hackers to Help Mass Surveillance

SHAFAQNA – The GCHQ intelligence service is launching the first public recruitment campaign for mass surveillance staff.  The British equivalent of the US surveillance body, NSA, launched a campaign on Tuesday aimed at recruiting IT experts to help in the mass surveillance of U.K. citizens.   A report released on the official webpage of the UK intelligence body GCHQ explained that the new employees will carry out “cyber security and cyber intelligence roles” not only “against terrorists,” but also “criminals and others posing a serious threat to the U.K.” This is the first time the British intelligence services has put out an open recruitment call for experts, including self taught experts often referred to as hackers, in cyber intelligence. The job specification outlines that they must be over 18 years old but do not need to be graduates.

Edward Snowden, a former NSA contractor, outlined the kind of work the recruits could be engaged in when he revealed in April that the U.K had spied on Argentina with the support of Washington, in order to maintain control over the Malvinas Islands.

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