British Muslim Lawmakers


As the election campaign enters the final stages, tries to shed some light on some of the shining Muslim names in British politics, offering a role model for young Muslims.




Sajid Javid:

In April 2014, Javid has been appointed as the second Muslim minister in David Cameron government.

Born in 1969, the Conservative politician attended state schools and won a place at Exeter University to study Economics and Politics.

He became the youngest vice president in the history of Chase Manhattan Bank at the age of 24 before being headhunted by Deutsche Bank.


Sadiq Khan:

Born in 1970, Khan was appointed in 2007 as a government assistant responsible for parliamentary affairs.

Entering the parliament in 2005, khan became the first Muslim in cabinet as Minister of State for Transport in 2009.

In the previous general election, Khan was re-elected as an MP and became Shadow Secretary of State for Transport.


Khalid Mahmood:

Born in 1961 in Pakistan, the Muslim politician trained as an engineer between 1990-1993 Birmingham City Councillor.

Entering the parliament in 2001, Mahmoud was re-elected in 2005 as an MP for Birmingham Perry Barr.





Anas Sarwar:

The 32-year-old Pakistani descendant replaced his father Mohammad Sarwar in May 2010 election after winning Glasgow Central seat.

After entering the parliament, the former dentist became one of the youngest MPs.

In 1997, his father became the first Muslim MP in Britain



Rehman Chisti:

The 37-year-old Conservative politician was elected MP for Gillingham and Rainham in the 2010 general election.

Studying law at University of Wales Aberystwyth and Inns of Court School of Law, Chisti worked as a barrister before pursuing a political career.




Yasmin Qureshi:

The Pakistani born Labour politician was elected as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Bolton South East in the May 2010 general election as one of the three first female Muslim MPs.

Born in 1963, the Muslim woman moved to Britain at the age of nine and obtained a law degree from the London South Bank University.


Shabana Mahmood:

Born in Birmingham in 1980 to a Kashmiri family, Mahmood was educated at Oxford before working as a barrister.

The Labour politician became Member of Parliament (MP) for Birmingham, Ladywood in 2010 as one of the first three Muslim women to become British MPs.




Rushnara Ali:

Moving to Britain at the age of seven, the Bangladeshi born Muslim educated at Oxford.

Ali served at the Institute for Public Policy Research, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Home Office.

She won Bethnal Green and Bow seat in the parliament for Birmingham Ladywood in 2010 as one of the first three Muslim women to become British MPs.





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