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British Muslim Woman Elected As Mayor of Newham


Local elections in England delivered a mixed set of results. The effects of years of austerity should have seen the Labour party sweep the floor, instead, the outcome for the two leading parties, Conservative and Labour, were mediocre at best.

Instead, the two most significant changes were the number of Liberal Democrats elected, along with the near wipe-out of UKIP, who secured just 6% of the council positions they sought.

In some councils, the government trailed a new system where voters had to bring ID. The Electoral Reform Society showed that almost 4,000 were unable to vote as they did not have the ‘correct’ ID, while a number of EU citizens were also told they could not vote when of course they were legally able to do so.

In addition to councilors, these elections included – in some parts of the country – selecting directly elected mayors. The first post of its kind, the Mayor of London, was created in 2000, a role is currently held by British Muslim, Sadiq Khan.

The majority of local authorities in the country adopt the “leader and cabinet” model, where a council leader is selected from within the group of locally elected councilors. However, as of 2015, there are now 16 councils using a “mayor and cabinet” model, where a major is elected locally to lead the council.

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