British Muslims warn against the pitfalls of radicalism, “Not Islam” they say

SHAFAQNA – Britain Muslim and Jewish organizations have both bemoaned the recent decision by a young woman from Hoover to abandon her family and travel to Syria to join the terror rebel group known as ISIS.

The Birmingham Islamic Society today issued a statement saying it is greatly saddened and disappointed to learn that a 20-year-old woman and UAB student from Hoover would join the ranks of the Islamic State.

“BIS, in support with other national American-Islamic organizations, has unequivocally condemned the heinous acts of this extremist group in the past and continues to do so,” the statement from the Birmingham Islamic Society said. “BIS, and the local Muslim community, disassociates itself with the actions of this individual and any others who condone the ideology of this un-Islamic outfit that calls itself ‘Islamic State.'”

The Birmingham Islamic Society will continue to work with law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety and security of the local Muslim community, the statement said.

The Birmingham Jewish Federation on Sunday sent out an update about the story, first featured on the BuzzFeed website and involving a 20-year-old woman identified only as Hoda.

“The case of Hoda shows just how ISIS preys on the malleable minds of today’s youth,” the statement said. “It is alarming that one of Birmingham’s young people has come under the influence of this fanatical Islamic terror group. The Birmingham Jewish Federation will do all that we can to continue to educate the Birmingham community on the dangers of ISIS. We see how important that is, now more than ever, as we have now lost at least one of our own to the terrorist organization.”

As countless scholars and imams have warned over the years, ISIS and its offshoots do not represent Islam – they actually stand in opposition to all Islamic principles.

As denounced by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in his open letter to the Western youth, those so-called radical Islamists are but a lie and a mirage engineered to pervert Muslims and others from the truth of Islam, a deception and a manipulation.

Islam has nothing in common with terror and exploiting Islam’s teachings to justify land-grabbing, looting, violence and senseless murder is the greatest lie of all.


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