British Surgeon joins TTP as spokesperson

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)

British intelligence officials claimed today that a doctor who served in London and Cambridge as a surgeon has joined banned terrorist outfit of Pakistan TTP, after his failure to join Daesh. He has been appointed as spokesman of TTP. According to British news agency a footage of Dr. Mirza Tariq Ali has been surfaced in which he announced joining Tehrik.e.Taliban Pakistan an appealed Muslims of other countries to Joint Daesh or Taliban. According to a report Dr. Tariq Ali, 39, had been arrested in 2013 for beating a pedestrian, however later he was released but his passport was confiscated by the British Police however he succeeded in fleeing the country. In the footage he claimed that he wanted to travel to Syria, from where he wished to join Daesh however he got arrested in Croatia during his travel to Syria. After that no detail about Dr. Tariq is available however now it is confirmed that he has joined TTP Pakistan.


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